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With ProjX360’s Proposal Generation Tool you can quickly and easily create proposals anytime, anywhere. Our user friendly UI allows you to create professional & accurate proposals very quickly, so you can get them to your potential customer and close the deal.

Proposal Builder

ProjX360’s Proposal Generation Tool includes the ability to create custom system packages that fit how you do business. So, if you sell the same 7.1 surround sound system you can save time having to build that on the fly for each proposal by just creating it one time with all the parts & labor then save it as your “Favorite 7.1 Package” in your package manager. Now on future proposals just drag it into your proposal where it populates everything quickly and easily in one shot. You can also assign accessories to products saving you time and help eliminate forgotten “needed” items. For example, on a television you can assign a wall mount, HDMI cable, emitter, etc. to it so every time you drag it into your proposal you will be prompted asking if you want these accessories automatically added. This will reduce your sales team missing all of the small accessory products that costs your company money and causes production delays. Instead by having these products configured properly, you will increase your sales revenue and have happier customers. To make sure your labor is bid accurately you can assign a labor phase and labor hours to a product so that every time that product is dragged into the proposal that labor phase and labor hours come with it.

ProjX360 is integrated with Portal for your product database. You don’t have to worry about keeping your product database up to date; it’s all done for you, including your specific costs, product information and specifications.

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Proposal Location

Our Proposal Generation Tool’s custom reporting allows you to customize your proposals.

V2 Proposal Settings

Proposal Settings

V2 Building a Proposal

Building a Proposal

V2 Generate Proposal Document

V2 Generate Proposal Document