Sales CRM

Sales CRMWith ProjX360 Sales CRM you and your team will be able to easily manage and track your entire sales pipeline which will allow you to close more deals efficiently. ProjX360’s Sales CRM makes creating and working with deals as easy as possible which allows your team more time to sell.

Proposal & PO Tool

Proposal GeneratorWith ProjX360’s Proposal Generation Tool you can quickly and easily create proposals anytime, anywhere. Our user friendly UI allows you to create professional & accurate proposals very quickly, so you can get them to your potential customer and close the deal.

Project Management

Track Your Project Details PageGet visibility of every project and the stage of the project with the quick snap shot feature in the project detail page.

Time and Budget Tracking

Project Time and Budget Tracking

Time is of the essence and crucial to your project’s success. ProjX360 has built in time tracking software for each project and phase to ensure that projects come in on time and budget.


Project Management SchedulingWith ProjX360 system integrator software, a built in calendar it makes scheduling jobs easy and allows everyone to see what stage every project is at.

Customizable Forms and Checklists

Customizable Forms and ChecklistsWith ProjX360's customizable forms feature you can create any kind of form for your company in our software. Not only does ProjX360 come with some great project management forms built in from our experience in the custom integration industry, you can now create as many custom forms your business needs.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage File ManagementKeep project files organized with our provided cloud storage. Access your project and company documents from any device.

Service Invoicing

Service InvoicingWith the service invoicing feature your service tech can create an invoice when they are completed with the service and collect the money right there.

Equipment Repair Tracking

Equipment Repair TrackingWith the equipment repair tracking your service department can enter the product they have sent in for repair and keep track of the cost of the repair.