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Project Overview

Project management is a vital part of running an efficient and effective company. ProjX360 project management software is designed specifically for the Custom Integration Industry and includes the forms and checklists an integrator needs to complete a project effectively. Each project has a single page overview so at a glance you can see the client's information, assigned tasks, discussions, checklists, time tracking, attached documents, and much more.

Get visibility of every project and the stage of the project with the quick snap shot feature in the project detail page. With this details page you can easily see if an important task or step in the projects procedure was missed or what still needs to be completed for the project to finish or move to the next phase.


You can create custom checklists of procedures for your installers to install and program a project successfully. As they finish each step in the checklist they can mark them completed. The task will be date stamped and marked with who checked it off. On the project overview page you can see at a glance the percent completed of each checklist to ensure things are progressing as planned.


Project Forms

The project overview section also houses the project information forms that contain vital information related to that project. These forms consist of the network information, client's services information (i.e. logins for SiriusXM, Pandora, etc.), system design (processor layout, audio zones, video zones, etc.), HVAC info, pool integration info, security zone list, and much more. As part of the initial setup, customized forms can be added to the software and future versions will allow users the flexibility to create their own forms.

Project Forms
Project Forms Client Services

Tasks & Discussions

Tasks and Discussions

Create and assign tasks within a project quickly and easily. Tasks can be assigned to one or more employees on your team with due dates to be sure time sensitive tasks are completed on time. Email alerts are generated by ProjX360 to ensure employees are alerted when a new task is assigned to them. Follow-up alerts are also sent as the due dates are approaching if the task has not been completed. Notes can be attached to each task to track important information. To improve collaboration among the project team each project has dedicated discussions for more detailed in depth information exchange between employees about the project.

Accounting Software Integration

With ProjX360 system integrator software you can easily integrate your time tracking into QuickBooks payroll to streamline your payroll process.

ProjX360 also allows your service department to create invoices onsite so you can collect for that service call at that time and ties into QuickBooks so your accounting remains consistent and correct.

Project Accounting Software Integration