ProjX360 offers on-site training for you and your team. While we still offer training and support through webinars with you and your team, two public webinars a week, live chat, email, and phone sometimes coming on-site and getting to know you and your team and how your company runs is the best way for us to help you integrate ProjX360 into your companies work flow.

Our on-site training includes pre-site visit webinars to help you prep and have the basic settings completed in ProjX360, so we can optimize our time on-site. Also, in the pre-site visit webinars we will get to know you and your team and start getting a basic idea of your business and your work flow and start discussing how ProjX360 can be integrated into that work flow.

While on-site we can focus on any or all of the following areas of the software and your business:

  • Sales Process – We will go through your sales process and how we integrate ProjX360’s Sales CRM into it.
  • Proposal Generation – We’ll go through our proposal tool and the proper work flow to maximize all its features.
  • Project Management – Moving a signed proposal into the project management portion of the software and going through all the features of the project details page and setting it up properly.
  • Work Orders – Go through creating and scheduling work orders. For service work orders we will cover creating a service invoice from the work order.
  • Scheduling – We will cover scheduling for work orders, service, and projects and all the filtering that can be done in the scheduling section.
  • Time Tracking – In the software there are a variety of ways to track time we will cover all of them and best practices for each. This will also cover creating time tracking phases and editing time.
  • Inventory Management and Purchasing – This will cover the setup of the inventory management system and cover all the different ways you can order product. We will go through the process of transferring product between warehouses and to work orders and how to receive product as it comes in.

On-Site Training Costs and Details

The cost for on-site training is $1,795.00 for the first day which includes all travel expenses for the continental United States. For each additional day the cost is $1,295.00. The length of the training depends on how many of the sections of the software you need training on. To request a on-site training quote please fill out the form below.