As we all know time is money and it is important to create professional looking and accurate proposals in a relatively short period of time. With ProjX360’s proposal building tool you will be able to build professional looking and accurate proposals quickly and easily. Our proposal tool allows you to create packages and add accessories to product to speed up the build time and also make sure the small detailed items aren’t missed. In this blog, I will discuss the best practices for using our proposal tool to make sure you get the most out of it and start putting money back into your pocket.

First, make sure you take the time setting up the proposal settings, creating packages, adding accessories to products, and adding labor phases and hours to product.

In the proposal settings under locations create all the locations you use on a regular basis. Think of a location as a room or place, by having all your key locations setup all you have to do is drag the locations over to the right when building a proposal speeding up the setup process. Also make sure to setup all of your systems you will use regularly, so again you can just drag to the right when setting up your proposal. The systems are used for filtering your proposal. An example is if you create a system called “Control System” when you are dragging in product make sure you add the product that applies to control systems and then when finishing your proposal for your customer you could choose to just show on the proposal the product under control system giving you a lot of flexibility on how you present your proposals to your customers.

Proposal Settings

Creating multiple scopes of work for different types of system designs will also help speed up your proposal creation time. By having a basic scope of work to choose from for different types of system designs will allow you to choose the scope of work that best applies to the system design you are currently building saving you the time of having to write a new scope for every proposal. The scopes of work also have an auto fill feature so each proposal scope is personalized for that customer.

Product Manager Accessories

Make sure to go into the product manager and go into each product and add a labor phase and labor hours needed to install that product. Setting this up allows the labor phase and hours to come over when you drag a product into a proposal speeding up the build time and making sure your sales team is specifying the correct labor hours for installation. Also go into the ProjX360 Settings and Phase Management to create all the different phases you use and put in your labor rate for those phases so the labor rate is calculated correctly in your proposals.

Two key features to make sure to take the time setting up are packages and accessories. Both of these features will not only save you time in building a proposal it will also make sure all of the little miscellaneous items don’t get missed when building a proposal. Let’s start with accessories, in the product manager you can go into any product and go to the accessory section of that product and add accessories to it. Think of the accessory as a part that goes with that product on a regular basis. For example, for televisions you might have your favorite fixed mount and full motion mount you like to install. By attaching both brackets to the televisions every time they are dragged into a proposal, they pop up and you can choose which bracket you want to install for this particular television. You could also have an HDMI cable and emitter attached to make sure those little parts aren’t missed and you are making money on those little add-ons. Building packages are just as important. If you have a 5.1 surround system you like to sell on a regular basis with our package builder you will just need to build it one time making sure you have all the parts needed. Then for every proposal all you have to do is drag that package over to the location and system you want it in and everything for that 5.1 surround system is brought over in one action. You just built that surround system that quickly for that proposal! If you do want to make some edits or changes to the package for this proposal you can do so by just clicking on the package name to delete items or change quantities.

Package Builder

Package Builder

These are a few best practices when using ProjX360’s proposal tool to help you get the most out of it. To learn more, you can watch detailed videos in our Learning Center at or you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you aren’t currently a ProjX360 user and would like to learn more and schedule a personal demo for you and your team please visit and request a personal demo.