Quickbooks Online Integration Guide

Make sure your QB version supports all the features your are trying to import because there are different levels of QB.

Please take note of constraints placed on us by QB.

  1. Employees, Clients, and Vendors cannot have the same name. For example, if you have an Employee named Jason Jones, you can’t have a customer or a vendor named Jason Jones. Make a modification to one of the entries to make it unique.
  2. The addresses (where required) must be filled out in full. This means the street address, the apartment/suite number (where applicable), and the names of the city, state and country, and the ZIP/Post code.
  3. The names of the QB accounts you plan to use for products must belong to the accounts of the following types. Accounts Payable/Liability.

Fill out all the required information. Specifically:

  1. The country field in the site configuration page.
  2. The names of the QB accounts you plan to use for products. These names MUST belong to accounts of the following types:
    1. Income account must be an account of type: Sales of Product Income.
    2. Expense account must be an account of type: Cost of Goods Sold.
Select QB Accounts
  • Asset account must be an account of type: Inventory.
  • AP/Liability must be an account of type: ProjX360 PO’s.
  • Note: If you do not fill out the accounts manually, you’ll get a modal with a list of eligible accounts of each type when you first open the exports page. That modal will keep popping up until you set your accounts up, so it’s best to just do it the first time.
  • Go into the product suppliers and fill out everything there.
  • Go into CRM, Suppliers and Employees and fill out the country for all.
  • Supplier Main

    Mandatory information:

    a) Clients

    1. First name
    2. Last name
    3. Phone number
    4. Email address
    5. Complete address with country.
    • First sync, if you want to pull all your customers make sure CRM is empty.
    • If you have contacts in CRM, contact us to import by csv.
    • After initial push and match you can only push up from ProjX360 to QB, so enter all your new clients in ProjX360.
    • Make all client edits in ProjX360 and then push those updates to QB, don't do the updates in QB, it will get overwritten.

    b) Products

    1. Item Name
    2. Short description
    3. MSRP
    4. Cost
    • You can only push products to QB from ProjX360.
    • Enter all product in ProjX360, not QB, then push the product to QB.
    • Make all product changes in ProjX360 not in QB.

    c) Invoices

    1. Minimum of 1 line.
    2. Invoice must be of type ‘Closed’.
    3. Descriptions
    • They only push from ProjX360 to QB.
    • After you push the invoices from ProjX360 to QB all the changes to that invoice need to be made in QB.
    • The syncs to QB are based on new invoices entered since the last sync. The same invoice can’t be pushed to QB more than once.
    Invoice Closed

    d) Purchase Orders

    1. Minimum of 1 product.
    2. The supplier for the purchase order needs to be pushed up to QB first, see supplier requirements.
    3. To push PO’s to QB the PO status has to be anything other than draft or archive.
    • They only push from ProjX360 to QB.
    Purchase Orders Invoices

    e) Proposals:

    1. Minimum of 1 product.
    2. All products need to be pushed to QB, see Product push requirements above.
    3. Proposals are pushed to QB estimates.
    • All equipment is marked as taxable, you have to select your tax rate in QB.
    • The discount will be entered as a line item at the bottom of the estimate in QB, and defaults to taxable. Note: This will be a negative tax.
    Proposal showing product needed Invoices

    f) Change Orders:

    *See Proposal screenshots
    • Minimum of 1 product.
    • Positive item's on a change order will be pushed to QB invoices.
    • Negative items on a change order will be pushed to QB credit memo.
    • On a change order it's possible that you will have both an invoice and a credit memo.
    • Both the invoice and credit memo will have the same document number.

    g) Supplier:

    1. Complete name
    2. Contact email
    3. Contact phone
    4. Complete address with country
    • First sync, if you want to pull all your suppliers make sure it's empty.
    • When the suppliers are empty on ProjX360 you will be able to push everything over from QB to ProjX360, after that enter all your suppliers into ProjX360 because it is only a push to QB.
    • Supplier Info
    Supplier Info

    h) Employee:

    • We are not syncing employees with QB because of payroll complications.
    • We do a matching for ID’s for the time tracking.
    • You must enter your employee information into ProjX360 exactly how you have it entered into QB. (i.e. first name, last name, address, email, etc.)
    • Supplier Info
      Associate Employees

    i) Time Tracking

    • Push only from ProjX360 to QB.
    • Pushes the latest changes since the last sync.
    • Make sure all your time is correct before pushing from ProjX360 to QB, once a time entry has been pushed from ProjX360 to QB if you want to make any changes you will have to make changes in both software manually.

    Once you’ve finished filling out all of the information for each and every one of the above entities, then you can begin to use the QB integration.

    First go over to the Export Data page on the bottom of the sidebar. If you haven’t set your accounts up yet you’ll get a popup modal with the accounts eligible to be used by QB. Once you select them and click confirm they will be saved and the modal won’t pop up again unless you go into the configuration and unset the accounts.


    Now you will see a portlet called Sync to QB Online.

    The dropdown on the left has all the entities you can push up. Once you select a type you can sync to QB. If it is successfully pushed up, you’ll get a success modal. If there is a problem you’ll get a modal with the cause mentioned and can take action based on that.

    If you run into anything or have any questions, just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..