Time is of the essence and crucial to your project’s success. ProjX360 project management software has built in time tracking software for each project and phase to ensure that projects come in on time and budget. At a glance you can easily see where the project is at and if it is going to run over budget, time tracking for a project has never been so easy.

Employees will be able to access their timesheets any time and any place so they can accurately enter their time to eliminate that guessing of what hours they worked. They will be able to enter a start and stop time manually or use the stop watch feature for the most accurate time tracking.

Actual vs. Budget

Time and Budget Tracking

In the time tracking section of our project management software you can easily track your labor costs through each phase of the project ensuring your projected labor costs are met. As each project is created, time tracking can be setup by phase with budgets. This allows you to enter the amount of time that was estimated in the original proposal for each phase of the project. You can pull detailed reporting by project, employee or phase as well as an actual vs. budget included in each project overview.

Time Clock

As employees use the time clock they simply select the project and phase they are working on, and their time will be applied against the specific project and phase. This acts as your employee's time sheet and easily exports out to QuickBooks for payroll.

Time Clock

Geotagging with our App

Time Tracking App

We have an Apple and Android app available for quick access to the Time Clock and your ProjX360 portal without having to log in each time. Time tracking allows you not only see when your employees are clocking in, but where by adding a GPS location stamp to their time entry when using our app.