November 2018

QuickBooks Desktop Integration QB Integration Guide

The integration includes clients, product, proposals, invoices, employees, time sheets, and suppliers.

Integration Instructions: Click Here

May 2018

V2 Multiple Pricing Rules

You can now have more than one pricing rule per proposal.

V2 Multiple Pricing Rules

V2 Clone Proposal

Clone the entire proposal or any combination of the following, client/proposal information, locations, systems and products.

V2 Clone Proposal

April 2018
V2 Push Multiple Proposals to Project

You can now push multiple proposals to the same project and select each proposal to view. You have the option to add on the phase labor hours or clear the labor phases.

Push Multiple Proposals to Project

V2 Progressive Invoicing

You can now invoice from the payment schedule selected in the proposal.

Push Multiple Proposals to Project
January 2018

1/11 +

Updates will be a week process.

Version 2.0
  • Updated user interface
  • New alert system/notifications
  • X-editable
  • Trades
  • Preset color palettes
  • Edit layout views
  • Security templates
  • Drag/Drop system & equipment ordering in proposals
  • + more!

Version 2.0
November 2017


New Reporting Engine
  • Report Builder - Save your custom reports and run them as often as you want.
  • Chart Builder

New Reporting Engine
August 2017


New Scheduling Enhancement
  • Drag and Drop Work Order Scheduling
  • Drag and Drop Employee Scheduling
  • Creation of Installation Teams
  • New Views
  • New Filtering

Plus much more!

July 2017
  • D-Tools Integration - We are excited to announce that our integration with D-Tools launches today! With our integration with D-Tools you will be able to work your sales prospects in ProjX360 and when you are ready to create your proposal you can push the prospect information into D-Tools and create the proposal. Then once the proposal has been approved you can push your D-Tools proposal down into ProjX360 to manage your project.

Watch the Video D-Tools Integration
Integration Guide

April 2017


  • Work Order Enhancement - With our new work order enhancement, you will be able to create work orders for both service and current projects and assign them to multiple technicians. You will also be able to create custom task lists for your technicians, push product from the proposal, attach a custom checklist from your checklist library, track time, add attachments per line item and make notes per line item, get electronic signatures and much more.

  • Invoice Enhancement - With our new invoicing enhancement you will now be able to create invoices not only for service calls, but for any work order or just create an invoice for whatever you need. The invoices can be exported to QuickBooks or Xero Online and emailed to your client and you can get an electronic signature.

  • Xero Accounting Software Integration - Integration with clients, product, proposals, purchase orders, suppliers, time tracking, and invoices.

February 2017
  • ProjX360 is proud to announce the launch of our integration with QuickBooks Online. Customers can now sync clients, products, proposals, purchase orders, service invoices, suppliers, and time tracking. This capability saves our customers time, money and streamlines their process. Learn more about this integration by reading our QuickBooks Integration Guide.

  • In final testing of QuickBooks
  • Export Products to CSV
  • Printable Checklist

January 2017


  • Proposal Summary - This enhancement allows you to run a summary report to see overall proposal price, margin, markup. To view this go into your proposal and click the "Action" button and choose "Calculate Proposal".
  • Advance Proposal Features - We added some more filters to the advanced filter in the proposal. You can now hide the header/footer, show long descriptions, and show location and system descriptions.
  • Export Proposal to CSV - Export your proposal to a CSV file.

December 2016
  • Added Push Proposal Product and Labor to Project – You can now push the product and labor from your proposal to the project. With our new product picker, you can choose what product you want to push over to the project. You can do it by phase, so if you don’t want to push the entire proposal over for your technicians you don’t have to you can just push the items over as they are needed for the installation. When you push the product over it also pushes the labor phase and labors hours with it for your time tracking.

November 2016
  • Added New Proposal Filtering and Customization – You can now filter by system when generating your proposal. So, if you only wanted to present a specific system or systems portion of your proposal to your client you can. You can also create different color schemes for your proposals.
  • Added Refreshing Portal Products – You can now refresh Portal products in both the proposal tool and the product manager. You can select what you want to refresh from the following options: manufacture, model number, short description, category, image, supplier, cost, and MSRP.

October 2016
  • Added Time Clock Notes to Project Details Page – You can now see the time clock notes your team members make in the project details page for that project under the notes section descending by start date.

  • Launched Proposal & PO Generation Tool - With ProjX360’s Proposal Generation Tool you can quickly and easily create proposals anytime, anywhere. Our user-friendly UI allows you to create professional & accurate proposals very quickly, so you can get them to your potential customer and close the deal. Read More

  • Launched Sales CRM - With ProjX360 Sales CRM you and your team will be able to easily manage and track your entire sales pipeline which will allow you to close more deals efficiently. ProjX360’s Sales CRM makes creating and working with deals as easy as possible which allows your team more time to sell. Read More